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Updated: Mar 6, 2019

This trip is the first time I have picked up a camera with the hopes I could decently document our vacation. I receive an amazing camera for Christmas thanks to my amazing parents, packed it in my bag, and soon learned the hard way photography is not as simple as I had come to think it was. Here are a few things I learned along the way.

1. Practice: I highly recommend practicing before planning on getting great photos. This may seem simple, but I thought that if I had a great camera it would be easy. WRONG. It took three days to semi-master getting a decent at best surfing photo of Dustin.

2. YouTube: If all else fails youtube or Google had your answer. Don’t be afraid to look it up, you won’t be able to grow if you don’t gather the basic tools you need.

3. Editing: I am not a huge fan of editing, but don’t discard any photo until you’ve explored all of your options. If you love a photo but it’s not exactly perfect Black and White may be your answer. Or, if you don’t like the backdrop of a certain photo distorting it can draw the focus to the main subject instead of the busy background you weren’t loving.

4. Self Love: Don’t forget to be kind to yourself. Most of us are not pros, so remember practice makes perfect. More importantly, don’t forget to get photographs of yourself. This for me is where Jax and his camera came in. He captured a few of the best photos of the whole trip.

5. Explore: Most of my favorite photos are from off the beaten path, somewhere I begged Dustin to pull over at, or from an unusual angle that caught my eye on the screen.

6. Enjoy: The photos from my trip are already in the works to be a Shutterfly photo book that we will be able to look back on forever. I joke with Dustin that one day I hope I look back on these photos and laugh because I have become so much better.

On this trip I used five cameras. The Christmas Camera (Cannon Rebel), our off brand “Go Pro”, my Polaroid, Jax’s Camera (Nikon Power Shot), and of course my iPhone. We were able to capture all kinds of memories which a few of them I have included below. Enjoy and comment below to let me know your thoughts!

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