Meet Phoebe

I’ve been dreaming of this post, this feeling, this moment for years now. In 2017 I decided to make my dream a reality. A mobile boutique. It’s all I could eat, sleep, think, plan, and dream about. Although the idea in my head took on many forms, the thought of a vintage boutique in a vintage camper was one I knew wasn’t going anywhere. And so, begins the story of Phoebe.

Last year I made the decision to make my dreams a reality. There were many steps that had to happen to make this a reality, and I shared them all right here (link to how to start a mobile boutique). But in the mean time let’s start with the story of how Phoebe came to be. I started with the idea of using a simple enclosed trailer, but quickly decided that would be not quite what I needed. Then one day on Pinterest I saw a camper boutique and fell in love. I did all the research I could, and found that price range, decided on the work I was willing to put in to remodel (which was none LOL), and how far I was willing to travel. With all this in mind, and being as particular as I am, it took a whole year to find Phoebe.

It was a long shot. When I messaged the sweet seller to ask more questions about Phoebe, I already knew she was slightly out of my price range, and she informed me that there were a few people she was showing to before my turn would come up. I already had a few campers fall through due to various reasons, so I was sure not to get my hopes up. Out of the blue I got a text in the middle of a crazy Sunday morning shift, and I realized this is what I had waited for. I made an appointment to view Phoebe and it was love at first site. She is exactly what I was looking for. We scooped her up and took her home.

Phoebe is a 1965 Willey. We don’t know much about the brand expect that it was made in Virginia. She was garage kept, then remodeled completely by the couple we bought her from. Phoebe has two beds, a kitchenette, and has an original pocket screen door that is one of my favorite things. In my opinion, Phoebe is the most perfect blend of new and old.

Upon arriving home, the fun began. I was finally able to decorate and literally watch what I had been dreaming of for so long come to life. It may sound silly, but aside from my child, it was one of the most rewarding things that I have experienced. If it wasn’t for Dustin and Jackson, I think I may have slept out there the first night. Now that I can finally move out of the house and be mobile, I have been working on so many new projects! Although I still have more to do here is a sneak peak of what Phoebe looks like now. Make sure to follow @anaceaday to stay up to date on our Grand Opening and future events.

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